Weekly Tastings

Greenwich Tasting Table Set For 12 People

Our instore tastings happen every week and are designed to be relaxed, informal and accessible for everyone, whether you are exploring wine for the first time, broadening your horizons, or delving deeper into your favourite regions and styles.

Our upcoming programme of tastings is listed below. We also regularly host winemakers in our Meet the Winemaker series, with producers from Australia, France, Japan, the UK and Austria joining us in recent months.

Please note that our tastings start at 7.30pm. Unless otherwise noted, tastings take place on the same day in each of our stores. We typically taste ten wines, accompanied by quality charcuterie and cheese, and the tastings last for around two hours.

To book, please contact your local store for availability. Full terms and conditions are below.


Upcoming Tastings in 2017

Icons: A Fine Wine Event - £100
Friday 8th December – 8pm start - Tufnell Park & Greenwich only
Places strictly limited to 12 tasters

Every art form has its icons and to really understand the heights of pleasure wine can reach you have to have drunk the very best. Tonight we give ourselves over the extravagance of some seriously fine wine. That doesn't mean putting these bottles on a pedestal or, worse, leaving them in the cellar until they are old and faded. No, with wine the only way to understand it is to open it, share it, drink it and talk about it. Tonight, after a thorough dig in our own and our friends' cellars, we'll be decanting wines that will have every wine lover in London liking your Instagram. From grand cru Burgundy to classed growth claret, mature Barolo to the icons of Napa Valley, not forgetting vintage Champagne, we'll revel in the aspirational, the marvellous, and the unforgettable.

Theatre of Wine's Office Party - £35    
Thursday 14th December

Few things add to the frisson of Christmas like the office party. If you need some light relief after getting trapped in a conversation about fishing with Richard from sales, or the flash of the photocopier strikes fear in your heart, then look no further than the alternative ToW office party. This close to Christmas, we'll be cracking out our favourite feel-good wines to get you through the party season, and perhaps even a stocking filler or two as well. We reckon by this stage we'll all have earned a bit of fizz, and maybe a magnum of something to boot. To help keep the good times going until the new year, we'll be offering a discount on all wines taken away on the evening, so unlike the office party, you can take home something you like...

Price & Prejudice - £24
Thursday 18th January  

A fun tasting to kick off the new year, tonight we attempt to navigate our way through a series of wines designed to reveal whether we really like our favourite wines when we can't see their identity – or price. Although it's easy to be dazzled by expensive wine, how much of our enjoyment comes down to the knowledge that it costs more? Would we like a wine better if we didn't know it was a chardonnay, when normally we would stay well clear? This evening is a lighthearted blind tasting that is sure to reveal the subjectivity of our likes and dislikes, and promises to lift the mood of the longest month. No experience required but good humour and enthusiasm will be essential!

Lisbon Calling: The Wines of Portugal - £27
Thursday 25th January

We've long been fans of Portugal's wines which offer a remarkable range of flavours and very sensible prices. Tonight's tasting takes us from the verdant north, home of endlessly drinkable Vinho Verde, south via Porto and the Douro, famous for their delicious ports and now also for dry red and white wines, and then onward to Bairrada, home of the characterful baga grape. Then we detour inland to the granitic foothills of the Dao to discover their fragrant, digestible reds that will appeal to Burgundy and northern Rhone fans before meandering south to sample the strapping reds of the torrid Alentejo region. We round things up with some of the famous sweet muscat of Setubal, and perhaps the promise of a Sagres or two in a backstreet bar in Lisbon's Bairro Alto...

Love in a Cold Climate: Mineral Wines - £30
Thursday 1st February

As winter drags on like an unrelenting hangover, it's worth sparing a thought for the vine, which seems to produce its best work under the most testing conditions. Giving lower alcohol and crisper flavours, cool climates often appeal to winemakers interested in making seriously fine wine. Here in England we are only too intimately acquainted with the changeable weather, but these days it oversees some of the finest sparkling wine in the world. In Germany (with riesling), Oregon (with pinot noir) and New Zealand (with just about everything), not to mention the classic regions of northern France such as Chablis and Champagne, we'll discover how cool and taxing conditions can, paradoxically, produce some of the wine world's most exquisite treasures. 

Under the Volcano: Beaujolais Bonanza - £28
Thursday 8th February

Physically and stylistically sandwiched between Burgundy and the Rhone, Beaujolais is the quintessential French bistro wine – and we mean that as a compliment. After all, in the post-Parker era, drinkability rather than intensity has become the holy grail and no other wine in France has the swallowable moreishness of gamay grown on the granite and volcanic slopes of Beaujolais' ten northerly villages. Even the names entice - Fleurie, Moulin-a-Vent, Regnie – and with some bottle age the wines take on the complexity of their far more expensive cousins from the Cote d'Or. Having said that, the wines are so delicious in their youth we rarely manage to keep our hands off them for long enough... Bring Gitanes and cornichons, for tonight is an unabashed celebration of this most French of wines.  

The Magic Mountain: Piedmontese Wine & Food Matching - £36
Thursday 15th February

At the bottom of the alps in northwest Italy lies Piedmont, one of the greatest winemaking regions in the world, sometimes referred to as the Burgundy of Italy. The quality here is unsurpassed but even more interesting is the great diversity on offer. Tonight we will focus on the singular deliciousness of nebbiolo, with its flavours of leather, dried cranberry and spice – not just the great wines of Barolo and Barbaresco, that reveal their aromatic intensity over years of ageing, but also nebbiolo from all around the wider region, where it assumes a range of names and powerful flavours for the money. We will also show our appreciation for the other grapes of the area such as ever-popular moscato and endlessly-drinkable barbera, alongside some carefully chosen cheeses and meats to complement this fine banquet of wines.

The Birth of Wine: Greece, Thrace & The Black Sea - £26
Thursday 22nd February

When Jason sailed to Colchis in search of the Golden Fleece and the proverbial land of milk and honey, it was to modern day Georgia and Armenia, across the Black Sea from Greece, that he travelled. Our own journey involves no dragons' teeth, and the only siren song we'll be singing tonight is that of value, variety and originality, three virtues that the wines of Bulgaria, Romania, the Causcauses and Greece have in spades. Tonight we steer our trireme from exuberant agiorghitiko to aromatic xinomavro, spiced mavrud to waxy rkatsiteli, brooding saperavi and mineral cramposie, exploring the contemporary flavours of an area with a claim to being the birthplace of wine culture as we know it.

Terms & Conditions: All our tastings start at 7.30pm unless otherwise noted, and last approximately two hours. Each evening, a range of artisan bread, cheeses and charcuterie will be provided to match the wines, although we regret that we cannot cater for dietary requirements.  Places must be booked and paid for in advance and payment must be made within two weeks to confirm your booking, otherwise your reservation may be released without notice. Reservations will not be confirmed without a working contact number and cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded.

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