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Scarpa Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry 18% Piedmont

The only unfiltered extra dry vermouth in the UK market - as far as we know - this is based entirely on cortese grapes macerated with over 30 herbs and spices, many of which are found locally in Piemonte, with a strong gentian note. It is perfect for martinis, especially if you like them 'wet', i.e. 2 parts gin to one part vermouth, as this is a particularly dry and herbal vermouth that marries brilliantly with classic, juniper-led London Dry gins. However, we also recommend this on the rocks with lemon as a bracing and gastronomic aperitif, or served as a long spritz with soda water and a few olives to garnish.
Unfined Unfined
Bottle size 750

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    Unfined Unfined
    Bottle size 750
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