Peak Performance: Mountain Wines

Thursday 17th June

Mountains contribute to the identity of some of the world's most distinctive wines.  On one hand, they often force winemakers to increasingly heroic plantations at high altitudes and on perilous inclines or narrow cut terraces where the amenities of tractors and mechanized gear cannot be brought to bear.  This usually means lower yields and the cooling effect of high altitude making for wines with marked freshness and lightness from grapes that have been allowed to mature gently rather than being broiled on the flat land below.  On the other hand, Mountains channel wind and cast rain shadows making for temperate, dry conditions that make for healthy, long-lived vines producing wines of great character.  Here we assemble three of our favourite mountain dwellers with a crisp, appley Savatiano from the high country of the Greek mainland, Roussette from Savoie with its feeling of cool Alpine freshness, and finally an elusive, crunchy Schiava from Alto Adige.

Akriotou Savatiano Orivatis 2019, Boeotia, Greece £16.00
Lupin Frangy Roussette de Savoie 2019, Savoie, France £17.00
Carlotto Schiava 2018, Alto Adige, Italy £17.50

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