Theatre of Wine import - Niepoort

Niepoort, Douro

Dirk Niepoort needs little introduction these days, being a well-established and well-travelled ambassador for the Douro's table wines since the early 1990s. Always inquisitive and eager to experiment, as those who have tasted his Douro 'riesling', Tiara, or Burgundian Charme can testify. In 2016 Dirk launched his satirical Grand Cru, Clos de Crappe, exclusively with Theatre of Wine and we are excited to say that a new incarnation of the famous Clos is in the pipeline. New wines are a traditional, cloudy Vinho Verde, and a low alcohol thirst-quenching Baga under the NatCool banner. Irreverent, restless and unquenchable, Niepoort is one of wine's greatest iconoclasts.

Agua Viva 2015 (Traditional method) Bairrada

Drink Me Branco 2017 Douro
Nat Cool Drink Me Branco 2017 Minho
Conciso Branco 2015 Dao
Redoma Branco 2017 Douro

Redoma Rose 2000 Douro

Drink Me Tinto 2017 Douro
Nat Cool Drink Me Baga 2016 Bairrada 1 Litre
Tie Me Dao 2016
Conciso Tinto 2014
Redoma Tinto 1996 375ml Douro
Charme 2016 Douro
Batuta 2014 Douro
Quinta do Baixo Poeirinho Baga 2014 Bairrada

Dry White Port NV
Ruby Dum Port NV 375ml
Tawny Dee Port NV 375ml
Colheita 2004 Port
Vintage 2000 Port