Marof, Prekmurje, Slovenia

This state of the art winery sits in stark contrast to the backdrop of enchanting Slovenian countryside.  Historically, the region holds closer ties with Hungary than Slovenia and the site was originally developed by the Hungarian counts Szapáry, who built a hunting lodge here in the early 20th Century. The potential to make wine here was recognised by Slovenian entrepreneur Stanko Polanič who opened the winery in autumn 2009. He was later joined by winemaker Uroš Valcl who is committed to making wines in a traditional way that best reflects the unique terroir. 

Goricko is in the north-east of Slovenia, located between the left bank of the river Mur and Hungary. This region lies above what was once the bed of the Pannonian sea, creating a terroir rich in marine  fossils. They have three sites, all with differing soil types, where they grow graševina, blaufränkish, zweigelt (highlighting their geographical proximity to Austria), along with more internationally recognised varieties like chardonnay, riesling and sauvignon blanc. 

Breg White 2017 
Sauvignon Blanc Bodonci 2016
Chardonnay Kramarovci 2015
Breg Red 2015
Zweigelt Breg 2015
Modra Frankinja Mačkovci 2015