Ariousios, Island of Chios

Chios produced the most celebrated wine of the ancient world and the vineyards between mount Pelinneon and Amani, known as Ariousios, held the palm for the island's best wines.  It was with an eye to reviving this extraordinary tradition that the present winery was founded, cultivating the island's forgotten, indigenous red varieties, chiotiko krassero and agiannitis, as well as assyrtiko and athiri for the whites.  With vineyards high up in the rugged, hillsides, life here is hard, but the rewards are evident with old unirrigated vines sending their roots into the ground and delivering wine of great concentration and individuality.

Greek Island Assyrtiko 2019
Chora Assyrtiko-Athiri 2019
Afstiros Red 2015
Glikazon Semi-Sweet Red 2014