Assembly Coffee Brazil Daterra Low Caffeine Reserve 200g

Milk Chocolate - Apricot - Creamy A blend of two coffee varieties with considerably reduced levels of caffeine Ñ Aramosa and Laurina. A hybrid of two different species - Arabica and Racemosa Ñ Aramosa is prized for its subtle florality, notes of milk chocolate and around half the level of caffeine of Arabica. Laurina, a naturally evolving hybrid of the Arabica variety Bourbon, is inherently very sweet and typically offers vibrant fruit flavours with 25-50% of the caffeine content of regular Arabica beans. Daterra has become synonymous with high-quality, low-caffeine coffees and this example is truly delicious. ItÕs smooth, medium-bodied and full of the classic milk chocolate flavours Brazilian coffee is treasured for.

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