An Orange A Day - 6 bottles

A longing for simpler times, a need to recover disappearing traditions and a passion to embrace the way of a pre-industrial world has taken wine to places that invoke the ancients, evoke fierce debate, and appeal to an audience seeking new flavours.

Orange wines have arrived and are here to stay. Unlike conventional white wine which is pressed off the skins quickly, orange wines can spend anything from a few days to up to six months or more in contact with the skins, just like red wines. The colour deepens, and extra layers of flavour, and indeed tannins are extracted. Some remain fresh but with texture, others are chewy and amazing with food, especially eastern Mediterranean flavours, mildly spicy curries, and Japanese dishes.

They are the darling of new wave gastronomy, and will probably scare the pants off your granny. Put a bottle in her stocking to find out!

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