Stiegl Sonnenkonig III Double Chocolate Oatmeal Porter Aged in Plum Schnapps Barrel 2016 12% Austria 750ml

Stiegl Brewery, famous for more than 500 years in the Austrian town of Salzburg, is one of Austria's top independent breweries making a range of continental beer styles from Lager to Radler. The Sonnenkonig range are one-off vintage beer releases from 2015 through to 2020, that were made in Stiegl's museum brewhouse. These beers are extraordinarily rare, with the Sonnenkonig II Tequila Barrel Wit 2015 release no longer even available in Stiegl's museum stocks. The Sonnenkonig III is aged for a number of months in old ÔPlum SchnappsÕ oak barrels which are pretty rare as Schnapps seldom goes into barrels. A deliciously rich Porter to the Imperial, or ÔOld EnglishÕ, style with a colour reminiscent of beautiful brown chestnuts. The wonderful chocolate notes in the beer combine perfectly with the ripe plum characteristic from the oak barrels. Very Limited.

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